Backlogging customer data in call/text log

Chad B. shared this idea 5 months ago

Would it be possible to update all calls from a number to a lead once the lead is created?

What happens is a customer calls and we don't answer for one reason or another. The customer then fills out a quote and we converse and take the booking via email or call but in the call log, the original call is still marked unread and is not tied to the lead so it only shows the number. We'll open the missed call and see if there are any leads tied to it but there aren't any so we'll call the number and get a hold of someone that we already talked to.

I attached an image to kinda show what I mean. The orange circle was the first attempt. We took the booking and then went in to call any missed calls back and saw that number was still bold. So we call it and find that the other rep already took the booking. We weren't able to see that when we clicked the number to see if there were any leads attached.

Hope that makes sense.

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We do this. It's possible you just needed to refresh or the person is using different numbers.

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