office 365 - not working anymore - basic authentification vs modern authentification

isabelle A. shared this problem 16 months ago
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Now that Microsoft SMTP Basic Auth is now deprecated sinc e JAnuary 2023, we cannot anymore start a diagnosis from this page: as Microsoft deprecated the service; they suggest to read this article: which explains that error 401 will occur if using Basic Auth from now on, and this is exactly the error message we got when we try to grant Outlook permission (see attached file).

Do you support modern authentication instead of basic one?

Or do you have a procedure for O365 integration of your application?


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Just so you know; in the mean time, i have set up Jerome and André like this so at least they are able to send email.



Can you please try granting outlook permission again and see if you get this error?


Hello gabrielle

Just an update to let you know it worked for Andre but Jerome still has trouble. we are currently speaking with our tech.

I will let you know as soon as we have development on our hand

thank you

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