Percentage Based Item Pricing

Nicki G. shared this idea 15 days ago

I would like to be able to edit the price of the rental item based on how close it is to the event date. I also want this percentage based and I know you're gonna hate me for that 1f62c

I do want it on the rental item itself and not as a fee 1f62c

I know I can use the filter to get the timing right... it's the percentage piece I am running into an issue with. Ex on why it has to be percentage based.

I rent for 399 on weekdays and 499 on weekends, I want the price to go up 5% if the event start date is within 15 days, 10% if event start date is within 10 days, and 15% if it's within 5 days.

I am already looking at adding 4 price change items with just those stipulations if I can make it % based. If I can't then I'm looking at 7... for everyone of each of my items

Right now I'm going to make it a fee... But I really want to be able to edit the item pricing as a percentage... can I do that?

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This would be a great feature! Commenting to show support of it bc I don't know how much the like button matters.


It also looks like I can’t make it a fee… because there is no way to box the fee based on how far we out from event date (15-11) and then switch to a different fee for 10-6 etc

Last minute booking fees are similar but are based on lead create date, this is more for customers that wont commit until the last minute, not just reaching out at the last minute


will making the filter for leads who are not confirmed and the lead start date is over 11 days and lead start date is with in 15 days not work? I have something like this for one of my filters.


I just figure it out before seeing your post. It's weird twisty language for my head.


Thank you though!

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