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Greg H. shared this idea 20 days ago

Is there a way we can get the same auto populate function on addresses we have on the backend to work on the front end?

this would help when people type wrong info it would give them the drop down choice etc

We find this a huge issue when they try to give us venue addresses etc.

Also could venue addresses become an auto populate on the front end like it is on the backend to.

i think this would be a huge help...

yes i know people spell things different but anything would be better than having our clients mess up all our venue info, because when they put in lets say WV State Capitol and give some crazy address on the quote, its all good until we open it on the back end and IO starts trying to repopulate things or creates a new location totally.

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in another thread it seemed that this was getting lost in translation

my example would be grubhub.. client starts typing in address and it gives them a drop down of choices, very similar to our backend in IO ,, this is needed on the front end to


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