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Chad B. shared this idea 8 months ago

Thought I would message in if anyone wants to put mobile friendly Youtube videos on their products. But mostly if the IO team wants to bake it into the software.

First I put code in the customizer ( I assume you could bake it into the theme OR more importantly part of the rental shortcoder template). I use the customizer so all my videos site wide are mobile friendly. This is the code I use:

/*youtube video resize*/

.youtube {

position: relative;

overflow: hidden;

width: 100%;

padding-top: 56.25%; /* 16:9 Aspect Ratio (divide 9 by 16 = 0.5625) */


/* Then style the iframe to fit in the container div with full height and width */

.responsive-iframe {

position: absolute;

top: 0;

left: 0;

bottom: 0;

right: 0;

width: 100%;

height: 100%;


Then I place an Iframe in the shortcoder just below the description div

<div class="youtube" style="text-align: center;"><span class="fr-video fr-draggable" contenteditable="false"></span></div>

Notice the italics "*custom-youtube_link*" This is an optional field I placed in all of my inventory. So now when I create a youtube video of a particular Item, I can place the URL link in the optional field and it places it in based on the item it's loading.

I realize this only works for Youtube, however, Youtube videos played on sites counts towards plays on youtube which increases the likelyhood of those videos showing in searches if the SEO on Youtube was done correctly.

This is just a thought.

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this issue is resolved by simply using the video insert tool in the item description.


Wow!!! Great!!!


Can we fix this in the survey/training section?

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