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Ryan F. shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

It would be super awesome if the delivery planner had a color code to flag park set ups that could be seen with a visual while planning schedule

Also, it would be nice if someone how on addresses that are not found on google could be flagged. I had one address that was 50 minutes away, but because google didn't have it in the mapping software it only scheduled 15 minutes

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Sometimes we don't know that google isn't finding the address exactly. When we make the initial call to their service, we just get the latitude/longitude coordinates and occasionally they give us bad coordinates for some reason. In the lead, next to the venue address, there is a checkbox you can check to re-fetch the coordinates if you click the "address issues?" green text.

However, if the USPS address is not accurately matching, we might be able to put a flag in that map too.

I'll submit the request to have a way to flag parks as well, but this will likely be something we do in our re-working of the routing in general. I think the plan is to make the information more template based.

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