different distance charges for differnt inventory

Paulette S. shared this idea 30 days ago
Under Consideration

for example - I want the distance charges for tents to be double since we go install and a day later we remove. Most our other services we drive there, remain there until take down but with tents it is two trips

please advise if that is something we can do ? and if so how ?


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We don't have this as a feature right now.

We do have a feature in each rental in the Advanced area that is a "Separate Vehicle" checkbox. This can tell the system the even will require another vehicle and double the distance charges, but it only doubles them when there is other equipment on the lead. It was intended to be used for events where you'll be pulling a hitched item like a rock wall or dunk tank along with the vehicle bringing all the other rentals.

This sounds like a feature we could maybe add in the future though to the delivery method settings. I'll add it to our product development system.

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