1. Provide _0__ 110volt-20amp electric circuits and 10-12 gauge cords for distances over 25ft. 2. Pr

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Hello, I know where the variables are and how to edit default contract but where exactly can I edit the following values to require 1 110 volt and 1 volunteer?

Lessee (that's you) will:

1. Provide _0__ 110volt/20amp electric circuits and 10/12 gauge cords for distances over 25ft.

2. Provide any required entrance and parking passes.

3. Provide a minimum of _0__ adult volunteer(s) to operate the activities.

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These numbers are pulled in from the Lead. The lead get's the information from each rental item (volunteers depends on the delivery method though. For instance, if you are charging them for staffing, the volunteers would say 0 always)


If you want them always to say 1, you'd have to replace the variables with the number 1 in the contract template

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