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R.J. F. shared this problem 18 days ago

I have 2 sno cone machines. I noticed on an order for May 8, one was booked and I was trying to add the second to an order but it said there was only one. When I went to my inventory it showed 2 separate sno cone machines, each with the quantity of two. I looked through leads and deleted the one with no recent leads. When I deleted that all 4 of them are now gone.

How can I get it back, but only show the one snow cone machine with the quantity of 2.

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I've updated these for you. both of those Snow Cone Machines had leads associated with them, so I changed those leads to only reference the active snow cone machine.


The reason they were both deleted was because they were related and you deleted the parent item (by "deleted" I mean "made inactive").

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