Help page still not working in firefox, and our new review feature does not work...

Lora C. shared this problem 19 days ago
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First, it's been over a month and we still cannot access this help forum via firefox. Chrome is finally working, but that's it. See the many, many posts of the same issue on your FB group

Secondly, we just sent out a mass email to thousands of customers after testing the new review email format, and it does not work. People click the star rating, and it simply gives a blank page. Here is the link when I click the 5-star review, which leads to nothing (at least in firefox, and mobile chrome).

This is an event that has my email address in it, and clicking 5 stars does not work...just a blank page. In the comments, you'll see the URL generated by your auto email (i setup a newsletter), which does not work.

The frustrating part is we've had over 30 people click, and not one formal Google review left, so I can only assume it's not working for anyone...

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I should say, that all of the manual test emails I sent myself work just fine for the review 5-star feature...but not the real deal.


Clear your browser cookies if you are having trouble accessing the help forum. That will fix the issue.

You cannot send the Customer - Thank You email with the rating to a customer list only. It must, like all surveys, go to a lead with a customer on it. It was meant to go out after a completed event. You are using it more like a newsletter that just goes to customer records. It may be possible to send it to a list of leads that did not just have a completed event, but it's not been tested. Thanks!

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