Vehicle Log

Chad B. shared this idea 25 days ago

Is there any possibility of adding a log to the vehicles similar to the ROI log on an inventory item? Where we can log info? It would also be great if we could set reminders through maybe automations for oil changes or other things like that.

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I know it's not what you're looking for because you like most of us who are heavy users of inflatable office like everything in One dashboard but we use our GPS system vyncs to monitor where all of our trucks are you can monitor your oil changes engine lights speed sharp turns heavy braking there's lots of things in that system that it does and it's not highly priced compared to some other GPS systems we demoed several and went with this one you can get text alerts as well as when the truck enters and exit specific zones that you put on the maps just a thought to use until such time I owe ads something similar which will be great to have GPS tracking built into IO

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