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I'm trying to add weekly pricing, so my solid hot tub costs more on weekend than weekday. I've read the instructions on your website which says the following:

Whenever using any conditional pricing you must enable autosave, see here.

  1. Settings
  2. Inventory (add new item or edit existing)
  3. Pricing Section
  4. "Show Conditional Pricing"
  5. In new line choose"Add to Base Price" or "Override Base Price"
  6. In "Filter" field select create new filter
  7. "Open New Tab"

Please see the attached file, I don't see any of the above there - can you help please?

Also I'm looking for prices in GBP, not USD, can you advise on that also? Many thanks


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You will see the conditional pricing option in the pricing section in inventory once you enter an item and save it you will see all options. For example if you open your dolphin slide and go the pricing section there is the option to show conditional pricing. (see attached)


That's working now. thank you!

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