how do i add photos onto my website

Donna R. shared this question 10 days ago

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Where do you want them placed? Inventory or category images (Settings-->Inventory & Settings-->Categories) are updated through the software. Images for the home page would be done through Wordpress and we can help with this if you are struggling with it!



Thank you for your response, so I was thinking to the place the sanitize man in the (3 Step Clean) section it doesnt matter where. In the (Who Are We Section) I would like to remove the image there and replace it with the combo in the field with all the children standing around. And the 3 girls with the birthday hats, I would like them to be placed at the bottom where it says (Its Party Time). I initially wanted the 2 children with the popcorn on the concessions page but you can just forget about that. Also how can i create a gallery page to add some pictures of events and parties we've done in the past?

I tried to send this message in the program but its showing the buffering signal, im not sure if you received it.


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