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Ryan F. shared this problem 4 months ago

a church we have multiple order with has different points of contacts for each order. When I updated the contact on the most recent order it erased the CRM history on the previous orders. there is an issue with payment and communication on an order from last year that I am trying to investigate but the CRM history is replaced with the most recent order. Can that CRM history be recaptured? what should I be doing differently to not lose this info?


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it is order



I am unsure on this one...I have a ticket in to see if we can retrieve this information and to see what you should be doing to not lose this information


You will want to attempt to add the old contact as an additional contact. If you erased or overwrote the old contact info (email and phone numbers are what is used for CRM), then you will want to create a new contact with that old data and add it as an additional customer on the lead.

Possible future ideas:

1) keep history of phone and email for a contact and pull that data for CRM too. Would have to make a way for them to remove these if needed so CRM didn’t pull them in some cases.

2) have CRM able to pull info from old contact data on command.

3) make them combine contacts into an organization and show for all in org.

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