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io phone texts getting flagged as spam??

Lora C. shared this question 7 months ago
Need Answer

I have been trying to test-text myself, and eventually realized that they've all been getting caught as spam. What next?

You can look at the 8 or 9 previous texts also sent to the same number, all blocked as spam

I tried to turn off link shortening -as a test- in General Settings as indicated in your help article but that setting is not there, that I can see.

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Unfortunately, it looks like this customer's carrier is blocking the texts...It would be something they would have to clear up with the company


That's not going to work; Verizon is the leading cell phone provider in the United States. We were told we had to pay to upgrade to IO Phone at $60/month or whatever it is to ensure text deliverability.

If the link shortening is causing it (which I suspect, because it looks and acts spammy with a non .com URL), we need to turn off link shortening in our texts to test again. I can find nowhere to do this in the settings.


You can definitely try the shortening link setting...It's under General Preferences

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