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The monthly view of the calendar defaults to showing all of your leads on their corresponding days for all leads (excludes quote and hold by default, although you can configure which statuses show up). The organization name is used to identify the lead. The same lead color coding is used to quickly indicate their status. If you hover over any lead, you will get additional information such as dates and times and rentals. Events that span multiple days will show on every day. On the day they start, they will show normally. On any day that they continue, they will show with an arrow (->) in front of them to designate that they are a continuation from another day. Clicking on a lead will take you to that lead.

Rented Rentals

When selecting the rented rentals radio button, you will see every rented rental on the day they are rented. They are grouped by the lead they are associated with. Hovering over them will give you additional details about the lead, and clicking them will take you to the lead.

Available Rentals

For the available rentals view, it will list all the rentals available for the entire day that they are displayed on. If you have an account with many rentals, this view will not be very useful due to the limited amount of space to display these rentals. You will also notice it will take InflatableOffice a while to make these calculations and display the information.


To see your revenue for the day, use the revenue button. When you do so, will will see the total revenue paid for the day, the amount due, and the total due for the day. If all revenue has been paid for that day, it will show in green text.


If you are using drop-off and pick-up windows, you will also have a radio button to display information about these. Using this view, leads will appear twice on the calendar, the day their drop-off window occurs and the day their pick-up window occurs. This view is very useful when planning your deliveries and pickups.


If your account includes the workers module, you will be able to view workers on the calendar. Workers will only appear on the day that their shift starts. They will be grouped by the lead they are associated with. Hovering over them will give you additional information about the lead.

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