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Chad B. shared this question 2 months ago

I'm not sure how to do it, but I'd like to have any rental total less than $160 charge a $60 delivery fee for the first 20 miles then the $5.00/mile afterwards that is already set. Of course, if they choose customer pick up, I'd like to not charge anything.

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We don't have a way to do that. You can set minimum totals for them to book within a certain range, but you can't have different delivery fees based on their quote total.


Here's how we did something similar.

Go to promotions and fees. Add a fee and call it something like delivery fee.

Then where it says rent type in $159 and change the drop down to dollars.

Then where it says exclude the following delivery methods check pickup.

Next for the reward put in $60 and change the drop down to $ Fee.

For mileage you'll go to distance charges in the settings. Set the mileage rate to $5 and restrict by distance. Then restriction type should be autobooking. Then go down to distances and put in 0-20 under miles and 0 under charge ($)

I think that should do it. It works for us anyway. The only part that might be a problem is that you have to manually approve events that are over 20 miles. We actually prefer this though. Hope that helps.


That worked perfect! Almost exactly what I wanted, but tweaked a little bit.

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