Leads - Working with Leads

Leads are where you will spend the majority of your time, and for good reason. These are potentials sales coming in and your goal is to move them to an event/job that completes. Almost all, if not all, components of our software are somehow related to leads. Because of that, there is a lot to learn about them.  

For volunteers to be calculated, inventory item needs to have a value for recommended volunteers and delivery pref needs to have it turned on and delivery method needs to not be charging for staffing.

For staff to be calculated, delivery preference needs to have it turned on and either delivery method needs to be charging for staffing or the inventory item doesn't have a recommended volunteer number set but does have recommended staff set

Lead Sections

Leads have a number of sections. Let's go through them.

  • Event: This section contains the lead status and timeline. 
  • Rentals: Select your rental items for the lead and see totals here.
  • Payments: For taking and viewing payments on the lead.
  • Venue: Information about the location of the event.  
  • Optional Fields: Any optional fields you have enabled will show here.
  • Customer: Information about the customer(s) associated with this lead.
  • CRM: Primarily a chronological history of your communication with the customer(s) on this lead.
  • Contract: Where contracts are created and stored.
  • Shifts: Where shifts can be created. All shifts associated with this lead show here.
  • Attachments: Attach documents to the lead and view them here.  
  • Auto Emails: This is where you can turn off specific auto emails for a lead.  
  • Surveys: See survey results here.
  • Recurring: Setup a lead to be a recurring lead.  
  • Log: See a log of emails and actions performed on the lead.  
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