Surveys and Testimonials - Surveys

There are several surveys that InflatableOffice can send out: 

  • Customer survey (sent with the Customer Thank you email)
  • Visitor survey (sent to people that got a quote from you, but never booked)
  • Manager survey (sent to ask the manager to report on the event, what items need repaired, and if any shift times need adjusted)

Survey results

You will see an alert on the Overview page when a survey is completed. Click the Survey's & Training tab on a lead to view the results of any survey.

Customizing A Survey

If you would like to customize them, please contact us.  Please understand that there are certain special questions in the surveys that if modified will lose their special functions.  A list of them is below:

Customer Satisfaction

  1. How satisfied were you with our:
    (Rank 5=Best, 1=Worst) - This affects your company star rating, which is displayed via the testimonials widget on your website if you are using it.
  2. How satisfied were you with the following rentals? - This affects the star rating of your rentals.
  3. Please write a review of our company below for the benefit
    of our staff and potential customers. Thanks! - These are the reviews that you get from customers. They can be added to the testimonials widget easily.  Changing this question will break that function.  

Manager Report:

  1. Do any of the following rentals need attention such as lost or damaged items? - This will put an item into maintenance and send a maintenance alert as designated by your settings when an item is marked needing immediate attention.
  2. Rate the performance of the following workers (based on speed, competence, attitude, hygiene):
    (5=Best, Rank 1=Worst) -  This affects the star rating of workers.

Custom surveys can be linked to with the following format to the URL:[ID of survey]&leadid=*leadid*&vendor=[ID of quote page]

Please contact our customer support for assistance in building the correct URL.

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