Settings - Promotions and Fees - Damage Waiver

Setting up a Damage Waiver through Promotions and Fees

  1. Go to Settings --> Promotions and Fees
  2. Click the drop down menu and select "Add Accidental Damage Waiver"
    Once you've added this, you will see the damage waiver has applied a filter and a preset percentage (which can be changed). This is what it will look like:

  3. You can configure it to apply only on certain rentals or there are ways to set it up to make it optional on each rental. If you'd to exclude certain rentals from this, you will have to go find the filter and apply the rentals that are excluded from the damage waiver fee.  Learn more about filters in this article.

Optional Field Damage Waiver

  1.  You can set the default to checked or unchecked.
    Checked - automatically checked off for the customer
    Unchecked - not checked for the customer and the customer would have to check off for this to apply
  2. To apply the fee, you should select the "Apply Fee" as the Accidental Damage Waiver (Fee).
  3. To display this on certain pages, this is where you would select in the red circle:
    This allows your damage waiver to be seen on the quote request when the customer is checking out. To learn more about Optional Fields, read this article.

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