Leads - Sending in Attachments to Leads

You can send in attachments, such as images or documents, via text or email and have them attached to leads. When you do, send to attach@inflatableoffice.com. The following requirements must be met for us to attach the images or documents to a lead.  

  • The phone number sending a text from, must match a phone number of a worker in your account or the from email must match a worker in your account if it was emailed.  
  • If no matches are found, we check the phone and email of the main admin account for a match.
  • If a lead ID is set in the subject of the email or text, the username for that lead ID must match the account of the worker/main account determined above.  
  • If no lead ID is sent but the worker found above is listed on a shift for a lead that is currently in process, we use that lead ID to determine where to attach it.  

If you have multiple accounts with InflatableOffice or EventOffice, you can run into issues where we cannot verify your authority to attach to the lead you are trying to attach to because you are using the same email/phone for those accounts/worker profiles.  

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