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Step 1 - Apply Damage Waiver Fee

Adding a Damage Waiver is a good way to cover the high cost of replacing a unit or even keeping up with the maintenance. This also gives your customers reassurance that they will not be responsible for any damage that was beyond their control, and knowing they were covered by the Damage Waiver. This is a minimal fee to have that piece of mind for both you and your customers. 

In order to apply the damage waiver fee, you will go to Settings -> Optional Fields -> Add Optional Field.

The Display on section option is where you would like your damage waiver to be viewed. In the example provided below, we added this to the Rentals section of a lead.

Your page should look very similar as below:

Once complete, Save and Close.

If you go to a Lead/Event, you should be able to locate the damage waiver in the section you have chosen for "Display on section" in your Optional Field. As shown as above, we applied the Display on section in the Rentals area of the Lead/Event. Check the Damage Waiver box off to apply the damage wavier to the total as show below.

Once you have applied the damage waiver, See step 2 here.

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