IOPhone - Port away your IO Phone number

When you want to port a number belonging to IO Phone to another carrier, there are steps you must take.

1. In order you port away your number, you would submit a request with your new carrier to port the number.

If you are not porting your number away from IO Phone, you can skip to the instructions beneath the warning sign beneath the following details

2. This information below will be needed by your new carrier to complete the port.

Administrator Name: Joel Aemmer

Account number: BW-7011544

transfer pin: none

Company Name: the software, LLC

Billing Address: 4014 Medina Road #1059, Akron, OH 44333

3. Once you initiate the port, you must notify us so we can obtain your signature on an agreement authorizing the outside company porting the number away.

4. Following the success of the port to the new carrier, see the instructions below to stop billing on your account.

You must take the following steps to stop billing for IO Phone. If you do not we will continue to charge your account for all following calendar months.

  1. Go Here or navigate to Settings -> IO Phone -> Numbers
  2. Click the check mark box next to the number you have successfully ported away or wish to release and no longer own.
  3. Click "Delete"

If the steps shown above are not taken, you will continue to be billed for IO Phone.

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