Google Calendar

InflatableOffice allows you to push your leads and shifts to Google calendar, which makes it easy to view event and shift details from smartphones and desktop calendars

Entering Google Credentials

You must enter your Google login information for InflatableOffice to manage your calendar. We must also know what calendar to publish to. We highly recommend that you create a new calendar specifically for linking with InflatableOffice. It is not necessary to create an additional Google account. Simply create a new calendar from within your account.

Go to the Google Calendar in the Settings section of InflatableOffice, underneath the "Integration" section on the left-hand side and click "Grant Permission."

Linking Events

 InflatableOffice will push additions, updates, and deletions to Google every 15 minutes. If you decide you want to discontinue using this feature, click the remove events button, but do not delete your Google credentials until you verify all leads have been removed.

Linking Shifts

All workers are able to setup a link to push their shifts to their own Google calendar. This is done in the account details section of the workers account within the workers site. In every way this link behaves the same as linking events described above. The difference is that instead of posting information about a lead, it posts the workers shift information.

A workers Account Details page allows them to link their Google Calendar

Text Notifications

You can configure google calendar to send text notifications to remind you about upcoming events.

On the Google Calendar settings page, click Notifications tab, then check the box under SMS for new events.

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