Email Center

The Email Center is under the Settings link and it will allow you to activate and customize any of the emails that are sent from InflatableOffice.

Automatic emails

These emails once activated are sent out according to their description. The system looks every 15 minutes to decide what emails need to be sent. You can change the criteria by which an automatic email is initiated by editing the email. You can specify the timeframe in which it goes out (Example: Event Reminder 5 days before event date). You can also have an automatic email go out to specific types of leads by setting a filter. These emails can also be sent out manually if needed. For example, you have an auto email set up to go out 14 days before an event and the event was booked 5 days before the event can send out the email manually since it did not meet the "14 days before" criteria.

Manual Emails

These are emails you will have to send manually. On the leads page you can send the Quote, Contract, and Shift emails on the appropriate tab. Just click on the email icon and select the email template you would like to send.


To send a newsletter to all of your existing customers, go to the Email Center, and click New Email at the bottom right. It is recommended that you test your newsletter before activating it. You can set the date you would like the system to begin sending the newsletter (Begin Sending Date). Newsletters will automatically contain an unsubscribe link on them, so you do not need to add it to the template. The newsletter will send to all contacts in your address book and any new contact added over the next 2 days.

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