Distance Charges

The system charges distance fees based on how you have it setup under Settings->Distance Charges. You can also configure which delivery methods should charge the distance fees by going to Settings->Delivery Methods.

Configuring Distance Charges

The Settings->Distance Charges page allows you to charge fees based on several different methods.

1. (Zipcode tab) You can set specific fees for each zip code. If the event destination matches that zip code it will charge that fee, if there is no match then the system will default to the next method.

2. (Distance tab) The system will look at the distance from the warehouse to the event. You can add addresses in Settings -> Warehouse Locations. If you want the first 8 miles to be free you should enter 8 for the miles and 0 for the price. If you want up to 20 miles to be $25, then you will enter 20 in the miles and 25 in the price.

Up-to 8 Miles, Charge $0; up-to 20 miles, Charge $25

3. (per Mile tab) A per mile rate is used for any miles above the highest mileage defined in Distance tab. For example if you've only defined 8 miles = $0, and 20 miles = $25 in step 2, then if an event 30 miles away it will use $25 for the first 20 miles, then the per mile rate for the last 10 miles. Remember that the mileage is calculated as one-way, so if you want $0.50 per mile you'll want to double it to $1 so it covers the round trip. Using the same example, the event is 30 miles away, but you'll actually be driving 60 miles total. At $1/mile you'll get

$25 + ($2*10 miles) = $45 to cover the full 60 miles of driving.

Restricting where you deliver

If you don't want to deliver to certain people, setting the restrict by will prevent customers from getting a quote. It will also give an Error when you save a lead as an admin, but the lead will be saved so that you can override this manually. Set the restrict by at the top-left to the appropriate option, and then make sure the tab is properly updated. If a match is not found in the tab you are restricting by, then the system will not give a quote. 

State & Country tab

Enter your state/Province and a default tax rate on the State tab. If the system can't automatically find the correct tax rate for an event, it will use this default tax rate as a backup method. To alway use the default rate you can select “Override Taxcloud.” The country tab also allows you to put in a default tax rate for an entire country.

Total tab

This allows you to specify the rental sub-total you must receive in order to drive a certain distance. For example if you enter the following:

The system will enforce the following rules in order to give a quote:

- a lead's rental subtotal must be at least $100 and 10 miles or less

- a lead's rental subtotal must be at least $300 and 50 miles or less

With these settings, quotes will never be given to a customer if the rental subtotal is under $100; likewise, if the event is more than 50 miles away, the system will not quote the customer.

Test Charges tab

Enter some zip codes here to see what the distance and charge will be.

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