Switching from the old quote pages to the new ones


If you created an account prior to 2015 then you may be using the old non-mobile friendly quote pages. Click here to read the announcement about the new quote pages


1. Go to https://rental.software/account/#/settings/pages

2. Activate each of the items listed by clicking, editing, check active, and Save.

3. (optional) Go to Settings->General Settings. Edit it and set the first Option Allow Customers to View Rental Availability (Quote Form): Yes

At this point you'll be able to see/test the new pages. We can customize your wrapper so it looks like your existing website for a $50 fee if you would like. The wrapper can contain your website design and you use the variable *page_content* in the section where you want the quote form to appear.

If you had multiple quote pages with certain rentals assigned to specific quote pages, you'll need to go through your inventory and set which items should be on the new quote pages.

To switch your live quote page from the old to new ones

1. Note: If you have more than one actively used quote page, do not continue. Instead email us so we can properly assign old leads to be assigned to the correct new quote pages.

2. If you have only one active quote page, Go to Settings->Customer Pages and delete your old quote page.

This will cause your new quote pages to become the default ones for all your old quotes and links. If you need to restore the old quote page and stop using the new one you'll need to email us so we can re-activate it.

Note: Make sure your Quote Request, Quote Confirm, and Contract page all have the same group name. If you are making multiple quote pages then each "set" should share the group name

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