Account - Transfer Ownership

You are able to sign over your account to a new authorized officer. They will receive ownership of the account and all of the data within once proper documentation has been submitted and reviewed. This can be done by the original owner or the new one.

Complete these steps to move forward with the transfer.

  1. Send an email to, from the existing authorized officers email address. State that you intended to transfer ownership of the account and provide the name of the new owner.
  2. Whoever is the present owner of the business needs to log in and access this form,
  3. Fill out the form with all of the details on new ownership, while ignoring fields that are prefilled.
  4. Print the form.
  5. Sign off on all applicable signature fields.
  6. Place Photo ID of whoever is signing off on document. This would be for the current owner who is transferring, or the new owner that already owns the company.
  7. Take picture of ID on document and send to

    Once reviewing the submission, we will complete the transfer as soon as possible. Please contact us for new user onboarding so we can make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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