This is the page to check availability, or book online yourself. Return to the main page here.

If you are just wanting to check availability, skip filling out the info and put in your event date and time. That will update our inventory with either a green 'Add to quote' button, meaning it's available, or a yellow 'Not available'. 

If you want to book and confirm your event, you'll need to fill out all of the info, add the unit(s) to your quote, then click 'get quote' at the bottom. Once you get the quote, double check all the info you entered to ensure it's correct, and if so, click book this event. That will bring you to the contract. Read it, and if you agree, sign it, make the $50 deposit and your event will be confirmed. Once you pay and sign, your event is locked in and we will reach out to you 1-2 days prior to your event to confirm our delivery and pickup times. If you do not hear from us 48 hours prior to your event, please text me (Daniel) at 580-919-3040 to ensure we do not have any mixups. We have had people not input the correct date, or they did not make the deposit and assumed they were booked. 

I cannot stress this enough. If you do not sign the contract AND make the deposit, then your event is not confirmed. It is considered 'under contract'. Units under contract are still available to book online, which enables others to book the same unit as you. In this case, you will either have to choose a different unit or cancel and receive a refund.

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***We do not reach back out to you by email, phone, or text after you submit a quote. If it says we will contact you shortly there is an issue and you'll need to text me. The automated text that says we will contact you shortly is not correct. This is the first step in booking online yourself, once you submit the quote, press book this event. Otherwise, use this form to get the total cost with sales tax and distance charges if you live outside our free delivery radius. If you need immediate assistance, text Daniel at 580-919-3040. 

I most likely will not answer phone calls or emails. Use text please. Thank you!***

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