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Customer Pickup - You pick up from our warehouse, set up, operate, take down and return. *Only available on select items
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Deliver, Setup, and Supervise - We deliver, set up and have at least one manager on site to help with your event. Items are operated by either our staff or your volunteers (See options on each rental item). 
  • Bottle Stand Up

    Requires a steady hand to win. Use the provided pole with a chain and ring to hook and stand up the bottle before it slides off the platform.

    Easier to win over like items found at pay to play carnivals, but still a challenge for kids and adults alike. Best when used with prizes. For increased throughput you can put a time limit on how long each player gets. Game sits directly on the ground which must be flat and level for proper game play. Best when used on grass or indoors on wood floor. If using on pavement we recommend you place a mat or cardboard under the game so the bottle doesn't break when it falls off.

    Best for ages 7 to adult


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