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  • Wild Ride Wet Slide

    This is the longest rental water slide in the area that we know of ! Slide down 43 feet of fun!Conquer the rushing waters of the Wild Rapids Water Slide! Riders take on the challenge of avoiding fallen trees, rocks, and rapids during the 43 foot ride down the 21 foot high slide. This 21-ft slide features bright colors and lifelike rocks and logs to make it feel like your riding real-life rapids. This unit can be used as a water slide for hours of slipping and sliding fun on a hot day. Best for ages 5 and up.

    NOTE: Well water not recommended. Staining caused by well water will incur a cleaning charge

    Setup tips and tricks:

    This inflate requires one 1.5hp blower. All other blower tubes should be tied off.

    If not inflating correct check that all 6 zippers, 2 on the back located close to the blower tubes. 2 more on the back side and 2 on the bottom of the inflate, under the front extension section are closed.


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