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- Fully Staffed means we will stay on site and supervise. Volunteer Discounts means we will deliver, setup and take-down but will not stay on site during your event.
  • Giant Timber

    • Comes with 60 large precision-crafted wood blocks - 7.5" x 2.5" x 1.5" timbers for a full 20 storey / 2.5 ft. tall tower –  (Can grow to over 5-feet while playing)
    •  PLAY ANYWHERE: Perfect for indoor or outdoor events such as parties, BBQ's, tailgating, group events, camping and much more. 
    • SUPERSIZE YOUR GAME TO SUPERSIZE YOUR FUN! Gather round your friends to entertain any crowd,  designed for ages 8 to infinity! No complicated or awkward trying-to-figure-this-game-out eternity of rules in front of everybody.

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