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  • Bungee Basketball & Football Combo

    Our Bungee Basketball/Football Combo is like two great inflatable games in one! No on has ever played basketball/football quite like this! The Bungee Basketball/ Football Combo offers all the excitement of a real NFL basketball/football game, but without any of the traditional rules. Each inflatable game can hold two opponents, one on each end. The zany and fun twist is they are attached to the game by bungee cords! The object of the game is to score in the opposite goal before the opponent does, which puts each player on defense and offense at the same time. The Bungee Basketball/Football Combo is a great way to promote exercise and healthy competition and sportsmanship, and is a great rental addition to any birthday party or event. Weight limit 200lbs per rider. Riders should not participate if any of the following apply: a. Past injury to the back or neck. b. Chronic knee or other joint conditions. c. Any respiratory conditions, including but not limited to asthma or bronchitis. d. Any heart or circulatory conditions. e. Pregnancy.

    Our Bungee Basketball/Football Combo is like two great inflatable games in one!


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