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  • BoulderDash

    BoulderDash is the Hottest new inflatable game on the market today! BoulderDash is the perfect interactive challenge! Two opponents face off head-to-head, zig-zagging across raised foam platforms while dodging swinging foam boulders hurled from six onlookers! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. It's a dash to the finish in this game that combines both speed and strategy. The BoulderDash is an interactive game that almost anyone can enjoy. Less-active participants can enjoy being a "boulder-thrower" while more-active participants attempt to complete the challenge! Rent the BoulderDash inflatable for the perfect interactive challenge! The first person to make it to the other side without falling wins. 

    This is a great experience for both children and adults 48″ - 76"

    BoulderDash Jr. from N-Flatables on Vimeo.

    This ride requires 2 ride operators and the next 6 people in line are boulder thrower assistants

    Game play is as follows:

    • One operator needs to be stationed at each end
    • Riders start at opposite ends of unit and race past each other
    • Three participants stand on each side of inflatable and push the boulders into the riders path to slow them down
    • The maximum occupancy inside the ride is 2
    • Maximum weight per rider is 200lbs


    • Height: 15'

    • Width:  15’

    • Length:  50’

    • Operator Required:  2

    • Occupancy (max)  2 (inside) / 6 (outside) Patron(s)

    •  Patron Height (min/max)  48” / 76”

    • Weight per Patron  200 lbs. ea.


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