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  • 33ft Obstacle Course

    The 33 Ft. Obstacle Course is set up for friendly competition play, with dual entrances and exits. This impressive structure measures over 12'6" feet tall, and features mesh sides for easy viewing from beginning to end. The 33 Ft. Obstacle Course inflatable play structure has a round front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through maneuvering pop-ups, over climbs and down the slides for exciting race from start to finish. The inflatable 33 Ft. Obstacle Course then ends with a photo-finish pair of tunnels.

    12ft wide -by- 13ft high -by- 33ft long

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  • 35ft Monster Dry Slide

    Climb up the rock wall from the rear side & zip down the either of the 2 slide lanes

    13ft wide -by- 18ft high -by- 35ft long

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  • 35ft Surf the Wave - Dual Lane Slip & Slide

    The Surf The Wave wet slide is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity, and will add excitement and value to any outdoor event! This wet slide offers kids of all ages endless amounts of aerobic activity.

    11ft wide -by- 9ft high -by- 35ft long

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  • 40ft Backyard Obstacle Challenge

    Our Backyard Obstacle Challenge offers 40 feet of challenging obstacle entertainment. This inflatable play structure takes participants on a journey through tunnels, around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, with plenty of climbing and descending along the way! The inflatable play structure begins with a front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through tunnels and pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The challenge obstacle then leads to an exciting front-exiting climb and slide, all to guarantee hours of enjoyable physical activity

    11ft wide -by- 12ft high -by- 40ft long

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  • 70ft Obstacle Course

    The absolute ultimate in extreme inflatable games, our 70ft Obstacle Course will definitely be the highlight at your event! Enter the course & fight your way through the vertical pop-ups to the first climbing wall ... up the wall & down the first slide... jump over, under or through the horizontal tubes...duck & slide through the tunnels then up the rock wall to the top of the second slide....zip down the slide towards the exit....first one out wins!

    13ft wide -by- 18ft high -by- 70ft long

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  • Dunk Tank

    Dunk Tanks are great, a tank full of fun! Your favorite person is just sitting there waiting to be dunked as you launch the ball at the target. A hit and a splash, or a miss and a boo! Folks love this water filled fun.

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  • Moon Bounce Castle & Slide Combo

    Great jumping castle with a massive slide and pop ups and Basketball ring inside and out.

    Many hours jumping on this great castle is sure to be a success at any event .

    Good size jumping area with a basketball ring and hurdle pop-ups are a lot of fun.

    Climb area that allows you to go down the slide to the outside of the castle.

    With great colors this Castle Combo Bouncer is a hit with any Kids Party.

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  • Purple Dinosaur Bounce

    A fun for all ages Dinosaur Moon Bounce

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  • Castle Moon Bounce

    Our simple but fun for all ages Castle Moon Bounce

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  • Disney Princess 5-in-1 Moon Bounce

    Join all of the Disney princesses in the large bounce house with a fun bounce area and even a small slide.

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  • BMX Slide

    Fun for everyone, this extreme large double lane slide will keep your event moving!

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  • Spider Climb and Slide

    Have fun climbing and sliding down the large double slide with a huge spider watching over her web. This is a great slide all year round and especially great for Halloween

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  • Big Kahuna Water Slide

    The Big Kahuna Slide! All ages, kids and adults will enjoy this slide so get out that swim suit that's been sitting in the drawer and put it on; that means dads and moms too. This bright, colorful slide is 18' high and features an exciting ripple in the middle of the slope. All ages will enjoy this, the perfect slide for a hot summer day. If you don't want the water, it's a great dry slide, too. A great way to cool off, this exciting ride allows participants to climb 17 feet to a No-Jump Top, which forces riders to slide down correctly, keeping them secure. A midway hump will have riders saying “Cowabunga!” into the safety-ended pool at the bottom of this impressive wet/dry slide

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  • Double Splash Water Slide

    This HUGE dual wet or dry slide is fun for all ages. Use as a dry slide, or select the Water Slide option for some wet and wild fun!

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  • Ocean Adventure Moon Bounce

    This playland with digital graphics is a true adventure of the sea. Kids will love being in an ocean of fun. Play, bounce, jump, climb and ride the boat in a magical adventure

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  • Safari Adventure

    Imaginations can go "wild" as kids choose to ride in a camouflage, all-terrain vehicle, climb the rock wall, slide down the rainbow slide, or run under a tunnel of elephant tusks. Spend time with an African lion, running under his mesh-tunnel belly, or enjoy bouncing with friendly giraffes

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  • Jurrassic Adventure Moon Bounce

    Enter through the fiery Stone Age archway, climb up the inflatable volcano rock climb, then choose a right or left slide down to the dinosaur bounce and play area. Flanked by palm trees the Jurassic Adventure is fun for all ages!

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  • Obstacle Game Course

    The multi-element obstacle course challenges you through several types of obstacles & is great for all ages, kids to adults

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  • Snickers NFL Football Obstacle Course

    The Snickers NFL Obstacle Course is a large 60 ft. long obstacle course. This obstacle course has a huge inflatable slide at the end with multiple obstacles leading up to it. Can you handle it?

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