Settings - Reviews

The last question of the customer survey asks the customer to write a review of your company. These reviews are collected, and can be seen under Reviews.  Here you can add a new testimonial. After choosing “New Testimonial”, you will see your new customer reviews in the box below. Click on one to view it and then save to display it to your customers. Now you will see it in the main list of testimonials at the top of this page.

Put the testimonials on your website

At the top of the page you'll see the link “view/hide code”. Click this, and you will see a box with html code in it. Place this on your website where you would like, and it will generate a box that will show your latest customer testimonials on your website. You can configure which reviews show up on your site by adding or removing them on the testimonials page. You can also configure the number of reviews to randomly show on your site by editing the appropriate part of the code.

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