Quote Pages - Damage Waiver: Step 2 - Creating a Damage Waiver

To create a damage waiver for your customers, you will have to navigate to your Settings -> Promotions & Fees. From here, you will Add Promotion, Name/Code promotion, the type will be Fee. You do not necessarily need a description, but you can include one if you wish to.


This section is what is required to invoke the fee. Here is an example of what your damage waiver, that has a fee that will never apply, will look like. If you select the Also apply when this optional field is checked, this will automatically select and apply to the How many/How much option for you, once you've selected the Damage Waiver that you previously created.

Reward and Extra

You can select % Fee on Rentals, % Fee on Total, $ Fee or Rentals. This total is up to you.

To charge taxes, select the Taxable? option.

If your fee is percentage based, you will have to turn on the automatically recalculate option. 
To allow your customer to use with other promotions or fees associated, you must turn on the Allow use with other promo/fees of the same type option.

Save and Close.

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