Contracts - Contract Templates

Modifying the Contract Template

We have a default template in the system that you can easily adjust with your contract terms.

1. Go to Settings -> Contract Templates, and you'll see a page like below:2. Make the changes you would like and Save it. Any newly created contracts will use the updated template.

Template Variables

The variables, such as %homephone%, will be replaced with the actual event data when the contract is generated. Click Template Variables at the top-right of the page to see a list of all the possible ones to use.

Rental List Section

The section that generates the list of rentals (with variable %rentalname%), has some special code in it so that it will print a list of the inventory. If you make major changes to this section, be sure to test the contract to make sure it still works properly.

Customizing a contract for one particular event

See here on how to customize a contract for a particular event.

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